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First, win with your Neighborhood then with the World

When you can win with your neighborhood, you can win anywhere. Here’s a recap of the ‘Teddy Makes Cents’ Book Signing. The event was a HUGE success! Again, thank you to our family, friends, and community for all your love and support.

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Thank you, St. Louis, for your continued support!

Author, Thomas E. Dear III, had the pleasure of reading his children’s book, ‘Teddy Makes Cents’ to the children at St. Louis Public Library-Walnut Park Branch.

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It takes a village

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Author, Thomas E. Dear III, and Illustrator, Demar Douglas, on their children’s book titled, ‘Teddy Makes Cents.’ They were embraced by the community with so much love and support! Again, thank you for making the day memorable and special for them both!

I bought this book to help jump-start a conversation with my third-grade son on the need for savings. We have read it twice since we received it a week ago. The book has inspired my son to have his own savings account other than the piggy bank at home. Thank you to the author, Thomas Dear, for highlighting this key aspect for our children.


I purchased this wonderful book at a book signing in Phoenix AZ and met both the author and illustrator. This book is so fun to read. I initially bought it for a younger family member to enjoy during visits but this book might just have to stay with me. The book gives lessons effortlessly and makes them easy to understand and the rhymes and humor make them fun. I definitely, would recommend it for all ages.


Love to read books to my grandson with characters that look like him. I liked the book so much I purchased 2, one for my nephew also.



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