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Author Thomas Dear returns to Larimore Elementary for their 'Money Matters' after school program

Author, Thomas Dear, was asked to return to Larimore Elementary for their after school program, ‘Money Matters,’ through the Boys & Girls Club of St. Louis. During his visit, he read to the students his children’s book titled, ‘Teddy Makes Cents.’ Afterwards, he had an activity prepared that tied in nicely with his book. The main character in his book, Teddy, really likes ice cream. So, he posed the question, “If you were to create a new ice cream cone, what would it look like?” The students were encouraged to get creative with real ingredients(ice cream cones, icing, m&ms, sprinkles, etc). Then, he posed a few follow up questions: What would you name your ice cream cone? How much would you sell your ice cream cone for? The students seemed to have really enjoyed the activity. It helped build their self esteem. They showed amazing ingenuity. They learned the value of hard work and were rewarded for their efforts by enjoying their ice cream cones. Special thanks to Larimore Elementary and Hazelwood School District for having me again. Also, special thanks to my videographers, Fam Establishment Ent., for capturing these wonderful moments.

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