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Author Thomas Dear's presentation for the WAY Center 'All About Money' Summer Program

Author, Thomas Dear, was invited as the closer for WAY Center’s summer program, ‘All About Money.’ He was honored to share his journey with the students and read to them his children’s book titled, ‘Teddy Makes Cents.’ Afterward, he had an activity prepared for them called, ‘The Ice Cream Activity.’ It ties in nicely with his book. They had to create their own ice cream cone and present it to the class. They were asked, “How does the ice cream cone represent them?” “What would you name the ice cream cone?” “How much would you sell the ice cream cone for if Teddy asked for one?” The students seemed to have really enjoyed the activity. It helped build the student's self-esteem. They showed amazing ingenuity. They learned the value of hard work and were rewarded for their efforts with ice cream. And most of all, they had fun! Special thanks to the WAY Center Organization for this incredible opportunity. Also, special thanks to Jaz for capturing these wonderful moments.

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