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Author Thomas Dear's visit to Marion Elementary

Author, Thomas Dear, had a full circle moment when he was invited to Marion Elementary for an author visit by his long time friend Tony West. In late 2017, Mr. West and author Thomas Dear, were working in the banking industry. An incredible opportunity would present itself and forever change their lives. If you would have told them back then that it would put Mr. Dear on the path of writing a children’s book and Mr. West in education. I’m sure they both would have laughed in disbelief. It’s not because it was unattainable. Neither one of them saw it in their plans. However, GOD DID! Let me explain. The bank they worked for sponsors a non-profit organization that promotes financial capability, work and career readiness, and business ownership. Every year that organization asks for volunteers to deliver lessons and share experiences with students. So, Mr. West and Mr. Dear decided to team up and volunteer their time. They were placed at an elementary school in the Ferguson/Florissant School District and were responsible for forty 4th Grade Boys. Students were taught the importance of financial literacy and the two of them learned the true meaning of patience. Now, Mr. West is a teacher at Marion Elementary within the Ritenour School District and Mr. Dear, is an author. Special thanks to Mr. West and Marion Elementary for this wonderful opportunity! It was an awesome event and the students seemed to have really enjoyed the story. Also, special thanks to our videographers, Fam Establishment Ent., for capturing a lot of these wonderful moments.

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