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  • Teddy Makes Cents
  • Teddy Makes Cents
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Teddy Makes Cents


The story is simple but rich with meaning: Teddy is a third-grader who lives in a community-friendly town where love, humanity, and life lessons are taught. The biggest lesson Teddy learns is money and financial responsibility. You will see how Teddy’s priorities change from leisurely spending to being introduced to financial literacy. Teddy Makes Cents will teach children the importance of financial responsibility and how to set money-saving goals.

  • Thomas E. Dear III, known as Teddy, is a proud University City, MO native who comes from humble beginnings. He thanks his village for his wonderful childhood memories, which he uses to fulfill his passion for telling stories. During his profession in banking, he volunteered to discuss the importance of financial literacy with the youth. The sessions genuinely enriched the children with knowledge. In hindsight, he wished he would have been taught financial literacy when he was younger. His life experiences are what inspired the story Teddy Makes Cents.

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